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A special evening with two of Canada’s most renowned environmentalists

Experience a special evening with award-winning renowned environmentalists David Suzuki and Tara Cullis in What You Won’t Do For Love, a unique and intimate theatre experience that asks whether the love we have for each other can inspire us to take action for the planet.

Actors and real-life couple Miriam Fernandes and Sturla Alvsvaag navigate a poetic and playful dialogue on stage with David and Tara, who have been a couple for 5 decades. Through honest reflection and lively conversation, David and Tara share powerful insights and captivating stories garnered over a lifetime of environmental activism and the deep bond of their partnership.

Directed by Why Not Theatre Founder and Co-Artistic Director Ravi Jain (Sea Sick, Prince Hamlet) with dramaturgy by Broadleaf Theatre Artistic Director Kevin Matthew Wong (TheChemical Valley Project), What You Won’t Do For Love asks us to consider love’s capacity to inspire action and propel us all towards a healthier, sustainable planet.

The print edition of What You Won’t Do for Love is from Coach House Books and a filmed adaptation of the show is available for rental or purchase on Vimeo.

“A love story so epic it embraces all of creation”
-Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis

What You Won't Do For Love
A Why Not Theatre Production
Originally Co-Presented and Produced
with Support from TO Live and Soulpepper


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